GONDAN increases productivity

GONDAN increases productivity

Continuing its investment policy, Gondan Shipyard has recently completed a new stage of improvement and expansion of its facilities. The plan includes actions in the facilities that the shipyard has in Figueras, Barres and Castropol. With its implementation, the company makes a significant investment, which will result in increased production capacity, reduction of construction time and, consequently, greater competitiveness in the market.

Among these actions, at the facilities in Figueras, the shipyard has recently completed the enlargement of the blocks prefabrication and steel works workshop by a 25% and a 15% respectively; which, added to an optimization of the production processes, results in a significant increase in the production capacity.
The manufacturing workshop has also been expanded by a 30%, enabling the addition of new fabrication and isometric piping welding posts – which will also increase production capacity – as well as an improvement in the quality of the end product.
Moreover, a 300 m2 two-storey multipurpose workshop has also been built in the outfitting area.
In the industrial area of Barres, the shipyard has acquired a 2600 m2 workshop, which together with the existing facilities, will be used for storage of heavy equipments, steel cutting and bending. In addition a new steel cutting machine has been installed.
In the coming months, the company plans to expand its facilities for the GRP workboats Division, located in Castropol, near Vegadeo.
Finally, within its commitment to the respect of the environment, and as a part of a vehicle fleet renewal plan, Gondan Shipyard has acquired an electric vehicle, which will transport various materials and tools among its facilities, without emissions and environmental impacts.
Gondan Shipyard continues its policy of improving quality levels, delivery times and capabilities, philosophy that has been a constant in the company to continue adding jobs and history in the region.

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