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Quality, environment and safety

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and meet their expectations,
while always assuming our unconditional responsibility to our employees,
the environment and the social and economic development of the region.

Continuously improving materials, processes and technology. One of the keys to our success is our constant efforts to improve the quality of our vessels, as well as the service we provide our customers.
We care about people. Our team of professionals is GONDAN’s fundamental asset and we keep that very much in mind when defining protocols, implementing safety standards and monitoring processes. We fully comply with the legal regulations and shipowners’ requirements regarding quality and safety.
We are well aware of the exceptional value of our surrounding natural environment and that’s why we contribute to its preservation,minimizing the impact of our activity on the environment. We set annual targets for continuous improvement and we promote preventive, rather than corrective, actions.
Our activity transcends our social, cultural and natural environment.
We are part of a community to which we are committed, which is reflected in the collaboration with different entities and associations and the involvement in numerous social initiatives.

We provide comprehensive H&S training courses for everyone who work at our facilities: both GONDAN staff and workers from subcontractors. There are also talks and presentations prior to commencing of works and specific training courses at the workplace.


Apart from the inspection by the corresponding supervisors, the company incorporated a Third Party into the process, fully committed to detection and correction of incidents and near-misses.


We carry out periodic medical examinations and campaigns of good practices and health habits in terms of occupational health and common diseases. We have a consultation with a doctor specialized in occupational health, available throughout the working day.


Each and every incident is analyzed to assess the causes and preventive measures.






Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory for all personnel in the shipyard. There are information panels on the subject in the facilities.




Meetings are held regularly in which the Health and Safety Committee, composed by the Health and Safety Coordinator, the Health and Safety Manager, the Production Manager, the Ship Managers and the Workers’ Representatives makes assessments for effective decisions.

For GONDAN, Quality, Environmental Conservation
and Job Safety are top priorities
among the company’s strategic goals.
Quality system
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Customer satisfaction. For each and every customer.
We understand our business as providing our customers with personalized service, in which meeting their particular requirements serves as a constant reference throughout the development of every project.


Improving day by day
Continuous improvement comes first in each and every one of our actions, not only with regards to the company as a whole, but especially in the areas of Quality Management, the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.


Strict compliance to standards
We are firmly committed to complying with all environmental legal requirements, the protection of the environment, including pollution prevention and other specific to the context of the company, in addition to the occupational safety legal requirements applicable to us, as well as with any others we may voluntarily decide to subscribe to.

Training and resources
We are very conscious of the fact that the success or failure of our business goals lies with the people who make up our company. We consider their professional training, knowledge of the company, and awareness of the environment and of the occupational risks involved in their jobs to all be indispensable for carrying out our business activity. That’s why we heartily support all initiatives leading to the achieving our strategic objectives by providing the necessary resources and training activities.


We pamper the environment
We are also very aware of the fact that our business is located in a natural setting of exceptional value. We want to contribute to its preservation by trying to minimize the impact our activity has on the environment around us. To do so, we set annual targets for continuous improvement and work under the precept that preventive actions take precedence over corrective ones.

Zero accidents
We consider any occupational accident or incident to be inadmissible and therefore our spirit of excellence and growth is reflected in annual goals involving continuous improvement in this area.


Responsibility of all involved
We promote and widely publicize our Quality, Safety and Environment policy, extending it not only to company employees, but also to other organizations acting on our behalf (partners, service contractors, suppliers, etc.), as well as in making available to all employees the means to consult and participate in Health and Safety at work.


Standardized commitment
This Quality and Environment policy is put into practice by maintaining a standardized system according to the guidelines established in the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001, UNE-EN-ISO 45001 standards in effect..

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