International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, in GONDAN we would like to take the opportunity to continue giving visibility to all those women who are behind our vessels.

Performing varied tasks, with multiple talents, and contributing with different points of view, all of them are part of our success in a product of the highest quality, benchmark in naval sector.

Currently, the positions occupied by women in the company are diverse, managing more and more tasks of responsibility in areas as relevant as Quality and Environment, Health and Safety, and the Vessels Trials Program  and coordinating and giving support in areas such as Administration, Human Resources, Purchasing and Logistics and Commercial and Sales.

Today we will know a little more about some of them.

Covadonga López-Cotarelo

Covadonga has been part of GONDAN team for three years, however, she’s kownn the company “since ever”. She takes care of all tasks related to Quality en Environment, which, although in some cases, “continue to be associated with just a complicated generation of paperwork”, implies the responsibility of “making all workers aware of the fact that Quality and care of the Environment starts with their effort in daily work”. The result of this job contributes to lead the company as a benchmark for continuous improvement in this sector. In this regard it is worth mentioning that GONDAN is the first shipyard in Spain certified according to the ISO 45001: 2018.

From her position, Cova points out that what she likes most is “that her job allows her to have a global vision of the company”, “to get to know ship manufacturing techniques: steel and GRP” and “the possibility of expanding knowledge in other business activities”, thanks to our vessels, which operate in leading and different sectors such as Wind Energy or Ferry lines.

Pilar Menéndez

With more than 10 years of career within the company, Pili is one of the fundamental pillars of the Administration and Accounting Department. From her daily work she emphasizes that what he likes most is “to be part of a multidisciplinary organization that grows and improves its objectives over time”, putting enthusiasm in each new project. She believes that one of the biggest challenges she faces in her day-to-day life is “achieving a work-life balance,” which she believes is essential to efficiently manage daily work.

Montserrat Rodríguez

Monse  has been involved in the company since 2003. She is part of the company’s Purchasing Department team. From her daily work, she emphasizes that what he likes most is “that it is not routine” and that she continuously learns through the management of new projects. One of the greatest challenges of her work is framed in the final stage of construction of our vessels, specifically during sea-trials, when she frequently faces the situation of needing “to get the spare parts in a very short period of time”.

Ángeles Martínez

For 14 years, Ángeles has been the Health and Safety Supervisor at GONDAN. With the doors of her office always open, Ángeles coordinates all the periodic medical examinations, conducts campaigns of good practices and healthy habits, on occupational health and common diseases, and provides training to all workers who perform their duties in any of the facilities of the company. What she likes most about her job is “helping others, making all the resources available to colleagues, so they feel integrated and valued.” Her biggest challenge is the preparation for potential emergency situations, when she must, first of all, “convey calm and security”.

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