GONDAN signs contract to build unmanned vessel for underwater maintenance and inspection missions

GONDAN signs contract to build unmanned vessel for underwater maintenance and inspection missions

GONDAN Shipbuilders, a leading shipbuilder, has announced the signing of a contract for the construction of a USV capable to reduce CO2-emissions with more than 90 percent compared to a conventional offshore vessel when conducting subsea IMR operations. This strategic collaboration involves USV AS as owner, together with the companies DeepOcean, Solstad and Østensjø Rederi. The company’s first USV will be ready for operations in 2025.

The unmanned vessel will be designed by Salt Ship design, a renowned Norwegian firm specialising in maritime vessel design. The vessel will operate in Norwegian waters, taking advantage of its advanced technology and experience in ocean exploration and maintenance.

The unmanned vessel, with a length of 24 metres and a beam of 7,5 metres, will be notable for its ability to operate remotely from an operation centre on shore. It will be equipped with an on-board sensor system that will allow efficient underwater inspection work to be carried out through the launch and recovery of remotely operated vehicles (WROVs)  capable of operating down to 1,500 metres water depth.

One of the outstanding features of this unmanned vessel will be its autonomy of at least 30 days at sea, achieved with a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system with batteries which will ensure prolonged operability and greater efficiency in underwater maintenance and inspection missions.

GONDAN Shipbuilders is excited about the collaboration with these leading companies and their role in the construction of this state-of-the-art unmanned vessel. This partnership demonstrates our ability to work together with industry leaders to deliver innovative solutions for maritime operations and to contribute to the development of advanced technologies that enhance the exploration and preservation of our oceans.

With this strategic collaboration, GONDAN Shipbuilders reinforces its position in the maritime industry and underlines its commitment to innovation and excellence in shipbuilding. This unmanned vessel promises to be a valuable contribution to the sector, while driving the advancement of technology in remote and semi-autonomous maritime operations.

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