GONDAN has a young, yet experienced workforce, which is flexible
to adapt to the needs of the company at all times and capable
of working in a high-tech environment.
Our low employee turnover and on-going training of a dedicated
professional staff raise both the productivity and capability of all our employees.
They are the main value of the shipyard. That’s why we strive to work
in the best and safest conditions.
We are entirely at your disposal and want you to know who we are.
Here are the main people in charge of the company:
Álvaro Platero

Owner – General Director

Luis Cotarelo

Financial Director

Ceferino Ron

General Director’s Advisor

Iván Artime

Factory Director

Antonio Pacheco

Fiberglass Division Director

Daniel Scavuzzo

Commercial Director

Luis Cela

Project Director

Gervasio Rodríguez

Purchasing Manager

Manuel Bolaño

Accounting Manager

J. Ignacio García

Human Resource Manager

César Mateo

Production Manager

Javier G. Llaneza

Technical Office Manager

Fernando González

Project Manager

Jorge Pernas

Project Manager

Guillermo Vizoso

Planning & Innovation Manager

Isaac Martínez

Production and Product Development Manager – Fiberglass Division

Javier Seijo

Administration Manager – Fiberglass Division

Alejandro Díez

Manoeuvres Supervisor

Ruth Blanco

Trials Supervisor

Jose María Valle

Production Supervisor

Meet other team members:
Igor Vijande
Igor Vijande
Technical Officer Supervisor
Nadia Serantes
Nadia Serantes
Marketing and Communication Executive
Alberto Clemente
Alberto Clemente
Purchase Technical Coordinator
Luis Mourelle
Luis Mourelle
Sales Engineer
Javier Holgado
Javier Holgado
IT Supervisor
Ángeles Martínez
Ángeles Martínez
Health and Safety Supervisor
Andrea García
Andrea García
GRP Projects Assistant
Pilar Menéndez
Pilar Menéndez
Administration Supervisor
Covadonga Cotarelo
Covadonga Cotarelo
Quality and Environment Supervisor
GONDAN’s soul is made with each of the people who work at the company.
A team proud of their work, who shares efforts, successes and experiences…
A part of each of them is present in all the vessels that leave the shipyard.

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